Stories of Culture – How rue21 Associates Have Been Impacted by Culture and Connection 

Continuing our Black History Month spotlight series: We asked our associates about the impact of their culture on their view of the world and how their background helps them establish connections. Where we come from shapes how we live and interact with the world, and understanding different POVs helps us empathize with others as we work toward a more inclusive future.  

How has your experience of your own culture shaped your perspective and enabled you to be more connective?   

“It taught me appreciation and to acknowledge other cultures.” Jazmin Alvarado Solis Store #497  

“We’re more connected by our struggles in life.” Kalysia Ofarrill Store #1393  

“Being African American, I feel we are consistently proving ourselves to others. I learned how to stop being what society wants me to be and be the best version of myself.” Alexandria Anderson Store #1062 

“Growing up not knowing a lot about my culture, and seeing it shamed by my family and others made me more appreciative and open to connecting with others. It also makes me admire my ancestors too, whom I have undying love for.” Laila Watson Store #819 

“Living my truth as a Black woman, I have been able to realize that not everyone walks the same walk and allows me to understand different ways of thinking and life.” Chaprelle Wanton Store #392 

“I want to learn more about my culture. I tend to watch videos trying to broaden my knowledge because African American culture isn’t as potent where I’m from. When I see another person of color, we tend to just smile and acknowledge each other.” Amya Anderson Store #1431  

“Being entuned on who I am as a strong-willed, confident, loving, spiritual, beautiful, sexy and well-loved woman. I know who I am as a woman, walking this land called EARTH with full authority from GOD above.” Kenya Wade Store #1054  

“My culture makes me feel strong and beautiful, seeing all of the people and events, within the culture of African Americans.” Jasper Graves Store #787  

“My experience of my culture shaped me tremendously. I’ve faced many people that are prejudiced towards me and although it’s not right and it makes me mad, this has helped me learn to kill people with kindness and learn how to forgive.” Nicole Wilson Store #769  

“It has taught me how to be very responsible with myself and it also shaped me into getting ready for adulthood. By being taught young by my parents about the world and how crazy it can get sometimes. I mean look at the world now.” TuRon Hughes Store #1457  

“My own experiences have shaped my perspective and allowed me to connect with others because I know what it is like to be different.” Nityra Tyra White Store #206  

“Living through the death of George Floyd and many others has changed my perspective of how life really is and how people react. It also changed the way I think and how I view people/the world.” Mi’Niya Burston Store #722  

“Belonging to a group that has been disrespected stripped of humanity and treated like animals yet finding a way to press on makes me proud of the color of my skin and gives me perspective on how people of other cultures might be oppressed or stereotyped.” Nate Parker Store #345  

“My family and my cultural background shape my attitude and perspective on life. How I was taught to cope with problems and difficult situations. My mother taught me how to treat people with kindness despite how they may treat me. My mother taught me to look at a person’s soul not the physical appearance of the person.” Cheri Mae Ebuen-OBrien Store #1621  

“Seeing that many people are afraid to be themselves in their own skin and tell people about their culture and what they do on the daily has made me want to learn more about what my people do and how to love who we are.” Jaimya Evans Store #819  

“Living the Black experience as showed me a different world that most people have not and will not see or experience. Being Black in America has shown me different lives are lived by all.” Amaya Jones Store #1642  

We hope you’ve enjoyed this associate spotlight series! Follow along on social media as we continue our Black History Month celebration. Next week, we’ll be highlighting a few members of our #YOUinrue community! 

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