Stories of Culture – When rue21 Associates Feel the Most Authentic 

Where has the time even gone? Our Black History Month celebration is already halfway through! We’re back with another employee spotlight to share with you. This topic is especially personal: “When do you feel the most YOU?” Keep reading to learn when our associates feel the most authentic and true to themselves.  

When do you feel the most YOU? 

“When I am at work with my work crew. I love them to pieces.” Latarra Greene Store #609 

“When I’m accomplishing a goal, being successful, and reaping the benefits.” Kenya Wade Store #1054 

“I feel the most like myself when I make music or read.” Jaimya Evans Store #819 

“I feel the most authentic with my family. I am able to completely shed any misconceptions or perceptions that I may portray to make others feel more comfortable. I look forward to a day where the rest of the world and I don’t feel like we have to be anybody but our most authentic selves.” Celeste Nudi Store #173  

“I feel the most me when I’m around my culture and embracing the beauty of my skin.” Chaprelle, Wanton Store #392 

“When I am around family and friends and getting dressed up. I love to get ready and feel pretty.” Amya Anderson Store #1431  

“When I am completely surrounded by people who look like me.” Jasper Graves Store #787  

“I feel the most me when I dress nice and go out with the people I love and have a great time.” Nicole Wilson Store #769  

“I feel I am the most me when I am able to just wake up and go on about my day being myself without having to do my makeup and hair and dressing up.” Kiasia Williams Store #879  

“I feel the best me all of the time, I don’t wanna live with no regrets. I’m just living life to the fullest.” TuRon Hughes Store #1457  

“I feel the most me when I am around those who know, love and accept me for me. Or when I put on a really nice outfit!” Nityra Tyra White Store #206  

“When creating art or reading.” Jazmin Alvarado Solis Store #497  

“As an athlete I feel the most in touch with myself on the football field.” Nate Parker Store #345 

“When I can walk outside and dress how I want to without feeling prejudged.” Tyresse Mahekeya Store #771 

“I feel most like myself when I am creating. I might be cooking, baking, painting, crafting, home decorating, writing, styling outfits, or any other activity that allows me to stretch my imagination and exercise my brain.” Cheri Mae Ebuen-OBrien Store #1621  

“When I’m with my kids and husband, they bring me so much life and joy. To know I created this beautiful family.” Alexandria Anderson Store #1062  

“I feel the most me when I’m meditating and out in nature. It really helps me connect to my roots and tap into my inner-self.” Laila Watson Store #819  

“Being around my people.” Brittney White Store #1012  

“I feel the most me when I am surrounded around people who look and act like me.” Amaya Jones Store #1642  

Each member of our rue21 team is crucial to our success and contributes to the welcoming and diverse environment we strive to cultivate. Keep following along on our socials for our last few spotlights! 

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