Stories of Culture – rue21 Associates Share their Cherished Childhood Memories  

We’re continuing our Black History Month spotlight series and sharing rue21 associates’ most cherished childhood memories. These key moments shape who we are, how we see the world, and create long-term connections with our family and friends. We hope these memories take you back to simpler times and encourage you to reminisce about your own favorite childhood moments.  

Can you share any fond and special memories that you have of growing up? 

“My favorite memory that I have growing up is going to visit my grandmother in Chicago around the holidays.” Nate Parker Store #345 

“I have many memories of sitting in the kitchen while all the women in my family bonded while preparing a big dinner for the family.” Nicole Wilson Store #769 

“Having cultural events, such as cookouts, and other family functions when we were able to come together.” Jasper Graves Store #787 

“When I was little, I remember my mother brushing my hair and talking to me about how important and beautiful being black is.” Chaprelle Wanton Store #392 

“When I was younger, I was in an MLK club that would hold events and car washes to spread the word about MLK. It was fun because we would learn dances and sing for the community.” Amya Anderson Store #1431 

“My name (KENYA) is what I’m most fond of because of what it means. My name means DESTINY AND HEARTS DESIRES as well as GREAT PERSONALITY. To know me is to be around me and to be around me is to know me.” Kenya Wade Store #1054  

“Growing up and learning about the great individuals who paved the way for us.” Kiasia Willliams Store #879 

“Just spending time with both of my parents is memory enough.” Latarra Greene Store #609  

“My best memory of me growing up as a child was always knowing that if I go outside in the apartments I stayed in, all of the kids would be sitting at the green box with their bikes waiting for everyone to get there. And we all would ride the bikes together.” TuRon Hughes Store #1457 

“One fond memory growing up and celebrating Black History Month was when I went to school and corrected my history teacher about a topic around Christopher Columbus and I was asked to leave the classroom. I thought my mom would be so upset yet instead, she took me out to my favorite restaurant and was proud of me for knowing my true history.” Nityra Tyra White Store #206  

“Listening to Michael Jackson all the time.” Mi’Niya Burston Store #722  

“There were times, well… There still are times where we would celebrate Juneteenth, way before it became a national holiday. Other than that, we would spend time together as one and talk about our day and how everything is going in life, cook food, and listen to music. I feel like I’ve taken advantage of little things like that growing up, not having all the family members around to spend time with, you know?” Jaimya Evans Store #819 

“Growing up we used to go visit Beale Street which is in Memphis, Tennessee. The history behind Beale Street, with the country music and blues – it gave musicians a platform to showcase their culture and music. And of course, a cold beer or a glass of whiskey.” Alexandria Anderson Store #1062  

“I remember being really little and my grandma and all the family would sit on the back porch and crack open peas and cut collard greens. Family reunions and holidays were so full of love.” Laila Watson Store #819  

“One of my favorite memories growing during Black History Month is when I got to interview my study body at my high school and get their takes on Black excellence.” Amaya Jones Store #1642  

Share your own favorite memories with us in the comments below. Keep following along on social media for even more spotlights throughout Black History Month! 

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