Stories of Culture – What Black History and Culture Mean to Our Associates 

We hope your Black History Month has gotten off to a meaningful start. Our next spotlight in our associate features series is a discussion about what Black history and culture mean to our rue21 family. Keep reading to hear from other important voices in our rue21 community. 

What do Black history and culture personally mean to you? 

“Although I think it should be more than a month, it means recognizing & showcasing the diversity as well as the many accomplishments of our Black ancestors & current day recognition.” Shannon Johnson Store #1631 

“Showing how Black people did so much for change.” Brittney White Store #1012 

“It means expression. It’s a chance for us as a people to enjoy what we’ve accomplished.” Tyresse Mahekeya Store #771 

“To embrace everyone’s differences and individuality. Black history means to me to just reconnect with our people and see how far we have come in life.” Amya Anderson Store #1431 

“It’s my whole life! It means empowerment, strength and a strong sense of community. To live my life unapologetically as a woman of color.” Chaprelle Wanton Store #392  

“My culture is everything to me. There’s a lot of stigmas associated with Black history and culture. I am thankful for the ones who walked before me to allow us to loudly celebrate our culture and access the right to live boldly.” Celeste Nudi Store #173  

“Black Month History Month means to me how far our culture has come from slavery and where we are going in the future, as well as remembering those who weren’t recognized for their relevance.” Kenya Wade Store #1054  

“I live and breathe the air of a Black person, and I couldn’t be more proud.” Jasper Graves Store #787  

“Black history and culture personally means love and hate to me.” Nicole Wilson Store #769  

“It’s the freedom to revisit my ancestors and their great contributions, what they’ve done for the world.” Kiasia Williams Store #879  

“What it means to me personally, is all of my brothers and sisters come together as a culture and have a great time together.” TuRon Hughes Store #1457  

“Black history and culture means everything to me because we are one of the only ethnic groups who are unaware of our bloodline due to the separation and pain caused during slavery. The more we learn, share and teach each other the closer we truly get to becoming the UNITED States of America.” Nityra Tyra White Store #206  

“I mostly value art so I take the time to learn of Black-inspired art.” Jazmin Alvarado Solis Store #497  

“My kids are mixed so it is important that they understand this part of their culture.” Elizabeth Jones Store #1286  

“It means that all the people that came before me suffered and fought to make our world a better place for us.” Mi’Niya Burston Store #722  

“Black history to me is one that has been long suppressed and forgotten until the communities’ struggles were put on a broader scope of observation.” Nate Parker Store #345  

“Achievements made by Black males and females that changed future lives all over the world.” Dwain Green Store #440  

“Black history is more than just a month. Black history is American history! We must educate and implement this into the elementary school curriculums. Black history and its culture are about resilience, innovation, creativity, and excellence in the face of struggle. Black History Month for me is a time to show appreciation for not only our historic heroes but also our modern-day heroes who are making positive changes. It’s a time to reflect on their current situations and acknowledge their contributions to the world.” Cheri Mae Ebuen-OBrien Store #1621  

“Black history and culture, personally, has many meanings. But one that stands out the most would be to share and learn from other Black cultures and their history because being black isn’t just standing for one culture but for many.” Jaimya Evans Store #819  

“It allows different cultures to be able to learn from each other and respect where each of us come from. We all should learn our history and each other’s stories.” Alexandria Anderson Store #1062  

“When I think of Black history and Black culture, the one thing that comes to mind is resilience. Our people have gone through unimaginable things and still came out full of love and success.” Laila Watson Store #819  

“Black history and culture means a lot to me personally because I am African American. This is well-deserved month that allows myself and others to not only celebrate our culture and excellence but also learn about the pioneers in the movement and honor their sacrifices. Black culture is important to me because it allows me to connect with my people and showcase my excellence.” Amaya Jones Store #1642  

“Celebrating African Americans and their culture.” Susan Millan Store #1118 

What does Black history mean to you? Let us know in the comments! We’re grateful and lucky to be able to have these important conversations during meaningful moments. Stay tuned for our next spotlight coming next week!  

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