Stories of Culture – How rue21 Associates are Celebrating Black History Month 

Black History Month is here and we’re ready to kick off the celebration. We asked our rue21 fam some questions and we’ll be sharing their answers all month long. To start, we will be learning how our associates plan to celebrate Black History Month. Stay tuned for more associate highlights in the coming weeks! 

How do you plan to celebrate Black History Month? 

“Panel discussions, quality family time, honoring my ancestors and educating myself more on my culture!” Chaprelle Wanton Store #392  

“Watching Black history movies.” Mi’Niya Burston Store #72 

“By placing merchandise relating to the month out on a front display.” Susan Millan Store #1118 

“Celebrating our history with family and friends.” Dwain Green Store #440 

“Black History Month has always been very important to my family and me. My mom would always read books about Black history to us at night. Growing up, the activists that I learned about were my role models. Now, as an adult, Black History Month is a way to celebrate my heritage unapologetically and gives me the chance to authentically educate my friends about the same.” Celeste Nudi Store #173  

“Just hanging with family and going to church.” Amya Anderson Store #1431 

“I plan to celebrate the life of my immediate family and how our life has been so blessed by GOD in my 52 years on this earth. Showing gratitude and how good life has been to us.” Kenya Wade Store #1054 

“Supporting black-owned business and educating myself and others about the history of my people.” Jasper Graves Store #787  

“I will celebrate Black History Month by embracing my extended family, while enjoying yummy recipes that have been passed down for generations.” Nicole Wilson Store #769 

“I will support black-owned businesses. I will also be teaching my children about noteworthy Black figures and their contributions.” Kiasia Williams Store #879 

“Recognizing not the diversity in my family, but within the store ensuring recognition and product placement for representation.” Shannon Johnson Store #1631 

“By hanging out with all of my family members and also eating some soul food while listening to music while kicking back having fun!” TuRon Hughes Store #1457 

“Reading books by Black authors, sharing Black history with friends and family, eating cultural meals, and wearing black, gold, and green.” Nityra Tyra White Store #206 

“Eating out at a black-owned restaurant.” Jazmin Alvarado Solis Store #497 

“I plan on taking my kids to the library to pick out books that highlight inventions made by famous Black Americans.” Elizabeth Jones Store #1286 

“I plan to celebrate this month by educating myself with the history and origination of the Culture of African Americans in our culture and exploring my ancestry.” Nate Parker Store #345 

“I don’t just celebrate Black history in a month. I celebrate it daily by supporting black-owned businesses and black-owned restaurants. But in the month of February, I like to visit art museums that showcase local Black artists.” Cheri Mae Ebuen-OBrien Store #1621 

“Getting together with family to reconnect with our roots and learn more about where our people came from and how they came to be.” Jaimya Evans Store #819 

“I have a bunch of graphic T-shirts with Dr. MLK and Malcom X, which will give the general knowledge on how they’ve paved the way for American history.” Alexandria Anderson Store #1062  

“Continuing to learn more about my culture as well as teaching others.” Laila Watson Store #819  

“With family watching movies on the people that made a change.” Brittney White Store #1012 

“I will celebrate Black History Month by educating myself on the trailblazers of the Civil Rights movement as well as the African culture.” Amaya Jones Store #1642  

Share with us in the comments how you plan to celebrate not only this month, but throughout the year. Follow along on social media to hear more important stories of culture all month long! 

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