Stories of Culture – Black History Month 2023 

Black History Month 2023 is almost here! This is a time for reflection, celebration, and empowerment for the Black community. We’ve partnered with Alone Again Studio to bring you the 2023 rue21 Black History Month collection: “Stories of Culture”, featuring powerful Black leaders, inspiring messages, and meaningful imagery from members of our community. Read on to hear from the talented and multifaceted models featured in our campaign. 


Lidiya discusses the importance of individuality and how recognizing our uniqueness can create a feeling of community. “I don’t necessarily need to fit into any mold; I am who I am. I’m happy to be who I am, and I feel more connected to people because I realize that we’re all different, and that’s just beautiful.”   


Hayden reminisces on a pivotal moment as a young adult and finding his sense of autonomy and freedom. “A big coming of age moment for me was when I got my first dirt bike when I was 18, because it helped me have a real sense of freedom. I was finally able to just explore the world.”   


Anea finds deep joy in music and singing. “I sing like 24/7. So, it’s super cool, it’s just a part of me and I really cherish those moments.”  


Corey explains that being surrounded by his closest friends and family brings out his most authentic self, “I feel the most ‘me’ when I’m with my people. At the skate park, at home with my family, doing what I love to do… it makes me, me. The people around me.”  


Kela is a ceramicist who tells her story through pottery. She explains the beauty of ceramics and how each person can create something unique in the medium.   

“It’s me and my hands forming this clay… and it turns into whatever I make. So, someone else can be working with the same thing, but their hands are going to create something totally different because it’s their fingerprints on it.” 

From associates to style icons, we’ll be sharing stories throughout the season from the perspective of Black members of our rue21 community. Follow along and join us in celebrating Black History Month 2023. 

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