3 Easy 2022 Halloween Costumes to Slay The Costume Party 

We don’t mean to freak you out, but things are getting spooky. The only thing creepier than Halloween trickz & treatz? Realizing you don’t have a costume yet! (Don’t trip, we’ve been there.) We styled a few 2022 DIY Halloween costumes for an easy peasy spooky szn slay ft. threads you’ll wanna re-wear all year long. Oh HEX yeah! Who doesn’t love a versatile closet gem? It’s gonna be a wicked good time. 

Rodeo Realness 

Well good golly, miss Dolly. Get a lil country with it in a look that just screams Nashville novelty. Pair a matching pants and vest set with a cowgirl hat, bandana and western boots ‘cause you’re always down for a rodeo. Got a guitar? Even better, it’s coming with. Come thru honkytonk hunnie! The best part… this ‘fit can easily be repurposed for an everyday slay with a turtleneck layered underneath and some cute combat boots for a total fall vibe. (Minus the cowgirl accessories, of course.) Holy cow, you’re gonna look so cute. 

Hawkins Hottie 

Has anyone noticed things are getting… Stranger? 😉 Bring your favorite ‘80s icons to life with a casual ‘fit made to slay the Upside Down as your favorite TV heartthrob. Grab a retro graphic tee, sherpa lined jacket and a trucker hat with a sweet throwback hairdo and possibly something to help fight off the bats. Crank some metal (because it IS MUSIC!) and get ready to slip into the Upside Down. Or just Hawkins High, that seems a bit more chill. 

Sour Sweetheart 

GOOD 4 YOU! But seriously, this look is pop princess approved so you’re gonna look fire. All you’ll need is a plaid overall dress layered over some fishnets and a long sleeve top. Accessorize with funky stickers across your cheeks and forehead and finish the ‘fit with a microphone. If anyone asks who you are, throw your phone across the room & tell ‘em jealousy ain’t cute. God, it’s brutal out here. 

Bonus – Spooky Tees 

Want an easier way to freak ‘em out? No worries boo, we got you. Pick the sickest spooky tees & hoodies ft. creepy classics you’ve got on replay all szn long to pair with your fave jeans or printed flare pants. From Child’s Play and Scream to Betty Boop and Hocus Pocus, we got the style screams you need to be the baddest in the boneyard with major hot ghoul energy.  

What costumes are your besties wearing for Halloween 2022? Share your ‘fits on social using #YOUinrue and tag us at @rue21! We good? Ok, cool. Let the spooks COMMENCE. 

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