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Celebrating Empowerment – International Women’s Day Collection 

Let’s get it, girls! We’re only a week away from International Women’s Day 2022. Mark your calendars, we got some amazing stories coming up to share from incredibly inspiring women on our very own rue21 team. To celebrate girl power the right way, we’re dropping a super exclusive International Women’s Day collection. This line features all the boss babe icons you love including music legends, queens of the TV screen, and more. Keep reading to get the scoop on the collection from our VP of merchandising, Lindsay Teitz! 

Meet the Collection 

This line is stacked with the hottest trends that are totally poppin‘ off on your feed rn: tie-dyes, cropped tees, and timeless graphics. There’s something for everyone, from music lovers to throwback-obsessed fashionistas and every empowered baddie in between. Celebrate industry icons from all backgrounds like Selena, Britney, Betty Boop, Barbie and soooo many more role models. You know we’re ALL about women’s empowerment and legendary ladies making history. These values are at the heart of what rue21 stands for, so we’re stoked to share this collection and all the exclusive insights from women in our community throughout the month. 

Behind the Collection with Lindsay Teitz 

international women's day collection

We spoke with our VP of merchandising, Lindsay Teitz, to drop the deets on this collection and hear her perspective on International Women’s Day. 

What does this collection mean to you?   

It is a celebration of women!! What we can do, how we can thrive, and an anthem that the future is bright!  Working in a prominently female industry we are lucky to be surrounded by strong female leaders, creative thinkers, and fresh minds.  I know that not all environments have this dynamic, so we hope with this collection we can showcase individuals that embody ALL THINGS AWESOME about FEMALES. 

How did you and the team decide which items to include?  

We wanted to celebrate artists/cartoons/figures that resonate with our customers.  Whether the screen evokes throwback memories or a power song that helps them tackle their goals. We wanted to include past and present artists to show the evolution of females and that we need to harness and project their successes to the future females.  

What is your favorite piece in the collection?  

All the H.E.R. pieces.  She is young female who composes, plays, and writes her own lyrics. Her songs are extremely relatable, about love, heartbreak and difficult times.   She is mysterious and plays her personal life very low-key, really allowing her lyrics to SING. 

What is a piece of advice you’d like to share with young women? 

Embrace the 80/20 rule- – -this allows you to grow, adapt, and learn while still remaining true to your goals.   Go into everything with a 100% game plan- – schooling, personal goals, & professional goals, but be open to adapting to changes on your path.        

This collection means so much to us and we’re thrilled to share it with you. Be sure to keep up with us this month as we spotlight women’s voices from our community. Let us know your favorite styles from the line and who your top femme role models are! Everyone knows who run the world. 😉 

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