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Celebrating Our Community – Designer and Employee Spotlight 

To kick off Black History Month, we had the privilege to connect with two rue21 team members, Tiffany and Nicole, as well as one of the designers of our Black History Month collection, Leon Goodrum. These talented individuals are incredibly important to us and the mission of inclusivity that rue21 strives to achieve. Learn more about their experiences and what this month means to them personally below 

Leon Goodrum 

Leon is a creative, an artist, and a father from San Diego. His creative perspective is shaped through his experiences within Black culture and the lessons learned along the way. He expresses his perspective on Black culture through his design studio and brand, Heron Hues. It is within that studio where his styles for the rue21 “Black History Month” collection were born. He designed these pieces in the same manner in which he bases his own brand “Heron Hues” on, which is “Culture Education” and normalizing Black imagery through the medium graphic design and messaging.  

What is Black history to you? 

Black History to me is the road map to the future, have to know where you’ve been to get where you need to go. 

What makes you powerful? 

What makes me powerful are the foundational principles: self-determination, unity, purpose, faith, and my culture’s stamp on history. 

What do you hope will change in the future? 

Economic equality, better education, and health for all people. 

How is your design approach influenced by culture and experience?  

My approach to design is: create while you learn and discover. Shine your light into the dark and you might find something special.   

Our Team Members – Tiffany and Nicole 

Tiffany and Nicole are shining examples of how important our field associates are to the rue21 brand. Their incredible attitudes and abilities allow our customers to feel welcome and excited to visit our stores irl and be a part of our community. We spoke to them about their thoughts on Black history and their own hopes and experiences.  


What is Black history to you? 

Black history is American history. It’s our legacy as a people. Black history is about the evolving changes that have built and made us better. It’s about the lessons we’ve learned from those that came before us. Black history can help build a better future by knowing the past and embracing it. 

What makes you powerful? 

What makes me powerful? I am powerful because of my appreciation of life. My positive energy, my resilience. I draw inner power from always wanting the best for anyone and everyone. 

What do you hope will change in the future? 

I hope that we can learn to respect each other. Embrace each other in love. I hope we can be united.  


What is Black history to you? 

Black history to me is a time of reflection to those who persevered through many hardships from the past and even to this day in which they gave powerful contributions to making this world a better place. 

What makes you powerful? 

My perseverance, consistency, and determination through adversity to achieve anything I want out of life is my power.  

What do you hope will change in the future? 

I hope to see changes in the laws so that we are all equal. 

It’s a sincere honor to recognize the strong community we have at rue21, one built on individuality and respect. We hope you enjoyed this spotlight from our designer and team members as much we did.

We are also excited to kick off our partnership with the LeBron James Family Foundation. We are proud to announce our support of their Loads of Love by rue21 laundry facility, providing free laundry services to the Foundation’s I PROMISE community. 

Be sure to check out our Black History Month collection in stores and online now!  


  • Sharon Jamison

    Love the pictures thanks Rue for using your employees they have inspired me by letting me know next generation is showing pride…..their views were very insightful love the comments ….I’ve worked with Nicole she has a beautiful soul….hey Rue keep up the good inspiration to us as employees!…. peace to all!…..Ms Sharon store 695

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