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The Snack Match-Up: 3 Simple Snacks & Outfits 4 Back 2 School

It’s time to set your alarm, pack your backpack, organize your cute desk supplies & get your new outfits laid out, ‘cause it’s back-to-school season! If you didn’t already know, the only thing we love as much as a cute fashion find is a good snack. So of course we cooked up a guide to hook you up with simple snacks matched up with trending outfits to set the vibe this school year. Treat your brain & body right with healthy, yummy food whenever you need an energy boost to get through your crazy schedule. And you’ll obviously look super cute while gettin’ your snack on, too. 😉 

Hot Girl On the Go

A girl on the go needs two things – lots of energy & some comfy fleece to keep her movin’! We love a pair of classic sweats matched up with a cute top featuring logos, graphics, or university embroidery for our hot girl on the go. This simple staple look pairs perfectly with your go-to granola bar. Portable, healthy, and a great boost of energy – just what you need! Wait… did we just hear the bell ring?! GO, GO, GO! 

Simple & Sweet

Whether you’ve got a big presentation, an important audition, or just wanna look extra cute while still stayin’ comfy – ripped jeans & distressed sweaters are your new BFFs. Nothing matches with a sweater & denim vibe better than a nutrient and fiber-rich strawberry banana smoothie! Almost as sweet as your personality and bold like your newest, statement-making printed sweater. You get an A+ for this fashion lesson.

Class to Kickback 

We saved our favorite for last: the ICONIC layered dress look. It’s easy peasy to pull together & throw on to start your day, and perfect for every vibe from class to an after-school hang sesh with the crew. Stay fueled for your post-class kickback & pack a yummy lil bag of trail mix. The crunchy, sweet, and salty variety will hold you over ‘til dinner time comes & save you from messy outfit mishaps. 

Ok seriously, now we’re hungry AND ready to pick out some ‘fits. We hope our simple snacks & outfits guide sets you up for the best school year yet! Stay organized, take care of your mind & body, and keep a positive attitude no matter what. We know you got this.

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