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Be Bold. Be Original. Be YOU. Back to School 2021 with rue21

The best back to school season EVER is now here – it’s crazy to think how far we’ve come in a year and how far we will go this fall. We are here to get you prepped for success and excited for all the adventure to come. Back to school 2021 is all about expressing your true self, owning your individuality and embracing others for their creativity, authenticity and friendship. With awesome new trends comes some awesome new mantras. Be original. Be bold. Be fearless. Be social. Be opinionated. Be creative. Be fierce. Be independent. Be YOU. 

Be Bold. Be Social. Be Fierce. Be Fearless.

These four ideas are all about taking risks, not holding back and becoming the next best version of yourself. Back to school is a time for experimentation, stepping WAY out of your comfort zone and taking inspiration from the latest trends. 

We’re obsessing over varsity-inspired collegiate looks, edgy and raw distressed graphics and denim and bright, in-your-face colors that make you stand out from the crowd. Take a few tips from our influencers, social media content and, of course, upcoming blogs featuring all the outfit inspo you’ll need to stay up to speed on what’s hot right NOW! 

Be Original. Be Independent. Be Creative. Be Opinionated. 

Let’s discuss these four ideas – these mantras are about staying fully and entirely true to yourself, being honest and open with others and putting your personality and unique energy over all else. Trust us, we LOVE a good trend, and we’re here to keep you informed on every upcoming aesthetic that will be taking over your Instagram feed. 

BUT the most important thing is personal style. Take the trends and make them your own. Your clothes are an expression of you, but they don’t define you. Don’t let them! Stick with the outfits and looks that make you comfortable and confident, and you’ll never go out of style. 

Back to school 2021 has arrived at rue21 and we will be with you every step of the way. Be sure to stay tuned for all the inspiration, guides to success and more that you need for the perfect year. 

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