How to Celebrate Mom—Mother’s Day Outfits and Gifts

Hold up. It’s already May?! Mom’s Day is almost here and if she hasn’t been constantly reminding (aka, nagging) you that her big day is quickly approaching, here’s your reminder to get your plans rolling. Whether you’re making her breakfast (or breakfast reservations—we see you and def aren’t judging), picking out a fresh flower bouquet or setting up a feel-good movie marathon, we’ve got your Mother’s Day outfits and gifts on lock. Choose a look that fits your vibe and a gift that your mama will be sure to appreciate. Let’s get into it, ladies! 

Floral Dress and a Fresh Fragrance 

Mother’s Day Brunch calls for a super cute outfit and a loving gift to match. For that day out, we have all the floral dresses you need for summer featuring sweet details like ultra-femme puff sleeves and lace-up fronts. If you’re planning to snap some priceless photos with your favorite gal, finish this look with some matching heels for that feminine finish. Choose a perfume from our extensive collection—including our latest scents from Botanic Everlasting Electric Butterfly! The bottle (and smell!) will make Mom’s heart flutter.

Fleece Shorts and Stylin’ Slippers

Does a chill day at home with Mom sound more up your alley? Planning to treat yo’self with a movie marathon? Snag a cute and cozy look perfect for an all-day lounge fest. 

Listen, those joggers you’ve fallen in love with this year? Don’t give up that comfort level just because the temps are rising. Meet: fleece shorts. All that comfort, a touch of softness and a whole lot less fabric to let your legs breathe. Grab a pair of ultra-plush slippers in Mom’s fav color to give the perfect gift for a relaxing day. Plus, she’ll totally think of you every time she slips ‘em on.

Off-the-Shoulder Top and a New Purse 

Got a special day planned? Our go-to look for any adventure ft. an off-the-shoulder top and classic jeans. From soft light hues to bouncy spring prints, these tops will have you best dressed for a day spent with Mom. Wanna help mom complete her look? Gift that busy lady a new purse to stash all her essentials. From funky tie-dye prints to simple neutrals, you’re sure to find one that fits her personality.

Wishing you and your mama a very happy and healthy Mother’s Day filled with ‘gram-worthy shots, lots of memories, a few hearty belly laughs and all the cute outfits and must-have gifts. Be sure to let all the mamas in your life know just how much they mean to you. 

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