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The Trending Spring Aesthetic from Just Dropped: Cottage Core

Prepare to be obsessed with our latest collection from Just Dropped: Cottage Core. The cottage core aesthetic at its heart is a pastoral nod to the English countryside, simpler times and romantic style that feels straight out of your favorite novel or movie. Imagine yourself in a meadow of wildflowers, a brook babbles just out of view while rabbits, bluebirds and red foxes watch you from a distant line of trees. Basically, this dreamy trend is your stylish dream-come-true, highlighting the ruffles, puff sleeves and ditsy prints you already love in a new fashion-forward vibe.

Perfectly Printed

Florals, for spring? Groundbreaking, we know. All jokes aside, florals are always on trend for a reasonthey look so delicate and are an eye-catching print that compliments everyone. Cottage core definitely pulls in the floral vibe, with a highlight on ditsy wildflowers to round out the pastoral look you’ll wanna wear all spring and summer. Add in picnic-y gingham plaid and pastel hues and you’ve got the look on lock. 

All in the Details

Okay let’s be honest, one of our favorite things about this trend is how expensive it looks (but isn’t!) and so much of that comes from the little details that take these tops and dresses from, ‘oh blah, a blouse’ to ‘omg where did you get that top?!’ The highlights of the cottage core trend are of course, short puff sleeves, ruffled hems, sweetheart necklines and open lace-up backs, but also gauzy fabrics that look like they were literally made to blow just a little bit in a breezy meadow filled with dandelion puffs. Probably because they were.

Adorned with Accessories 

No outfit is complete without a few extra touches. These country-chic additions are not only ridiculously on-trend, but surprisingly practical (something we love in fashion). Once you’ve found your cottage core aesthetic in ruched tops, crochet dresses and light wash denimcomplete your look with tortoiseshell sunnies, a satin headscarf and a micro shoulder bag to hold all of your essentials.

Become a cottage core queen and frolic to your heart’s desire this spring. This collection pays homage to timeless and classic fashion with modern trendy twists. This aesthetic found its legs on TikTok, and now we’ve perfected it for you. These stunning outfits will only be available for a limited time… so shop, shop, shop! 

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