New Sustainable Fragrances – Bloom Beyond and Infinite Woods

It’s time to add a brand new scent to your collection! Meet our new exclusive perfume and cologne, Bloom Beyond and Infinite Woods. Our latest fragrances are made from and packaged in sustainable materials that not only smell great but are great for the environment! This launch comes right in time for the beginning of spring, so kick off the season right with fresh, nature-inspired scents that are kind to the Earth. 

Meet the Fragrances 

Bloom Beyond comes in sweet and simple packaging with pink accents that fit into every girl’s aesthetic. The aroma is fruit-forward with notes of luscious apple blossom, peach and warm vanilla. Imagine a euphoric stroll through fields of fresh flowers and fruit trees. 

Infinite Woods’ sleek packaging with touches of earthy green hint to its foresty notes of sandalwood, eucalyptus and cedarwood. This cologne invokes the feeling of hiking through a state park on a crisp spring morning and stopping to breathe in the air around you.

How Are They Sustainable?

We’re so excited to highlight all the features that make these fragrances eco-friendly! 

  1. The bottles are packaged in cardboard carton sleeves which use fewer materials than standard full size cartons.
  2. The labels are made from easily biodegradable rice paper. 
  3. The bottles have a screw neck lid to allow the components to be separated and recycled appropriately. 
  4. The cologne and perfume are made from upcycled materials, meaning ingredients that would normally be discarded during the manufacturing of fragrances.
  5. You can reuse the bottles for several second purposes. Let’s get into some ideas! 

How To Reuse the Bottles 

Time to get creative. After you’ve finished your fragrance, remove the screw top and use the bottle to your heart’s content. You can fill it with fairy lights or other decorative fillings and place it on a window sill to brighten a room. Keep your go-to writing utensils in the bottle on your workspace for easy access. Pop in your favorite flower and add it to your dining table for a sweet centerpiece. The possibilities are endless and totally up to your imagination!

These sustainable fragrances are here for a limited time only, so be sure to grab them while you can! 

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