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#YOUinrue: Revenge of the ’90s

Booyah, the ’90s are back! Fashion trends from the decade of neglecting your Tamagotchi pets and blasting TLC so loud that your neighbors hate you have returned! Whether you lived through it or are loving this vibe for the first time now, this most-loved trend had something for everyone. Prepare to be obsessed with all of these ‘90s fashion trends, from denim and leather to mesh tops and flares.

Flare Jeans

In case you haven’t heard, the anti-skinny trend isn’t going anywhere. These fly jeans were a go-to style in the ‘90s and are finally making their long awaited comeback. A casual aesthetic and a comfortable fit make these wide-legged designs perfect for day wear or a night on the town dancing your heart out to Ricky Martin. Pair them with a bucket hat or your favorite flannel and instantly look as good as you feel. @sandrasanny4


Tie-dye has got to be our favorite recurring trend. It seems like every few years that this psychedelic pattern born of the 1970s comes back around bringing up memories of childhood DIY, ROYGBIV and summer camp. Acting as the opposite of darker grunge wear, tie-dye comes in a limitless array of color combinations. Why wear all black when you can rock every shade of the rainbow? The pattern has made a roaring return onto everything imaginable from matching sets of joggers and hoodies to dresses and accessories. Embrace your inner Totally Kyle and try out this trippy ‘90s fashion classic.

Bucket Hats

The bucket hat is one of those trends we literally cannot get enough of. Originally popularized in the ‘80s by early hip hop artists like Jam Master Jay and LL Cool J, this slouchy canvas classic has been totally revamped to come in reversible, tie-dye and faux fur styles. With stars like Kylie Jenner and Rihanna loving this hat’s ability to add a standout touch to any outfit, this trend is quickly becoming a wardrobe staple. How will you wear it?.


It is not just a phase, mom. We literally can’t talk about ‘90s fashion without talking about grunge. This gritty style was born out of the 1980s music scene in Seattle and highlighted the anti-fashion attitude that was the 1990s. The rough alternative grunge of the older decades has been reworked for the modern era into a softer version. Own the modern grunge look by layering on ripped denim, mesh, flannels and faux leather for a stylish look with a touch of rebel.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, ‘90s fashion and pop culture is IT. Add some Nirvana to your playlis, put on your favorite flannel, and pop on some classic cartoons because the 1990s were truly all that. All of these looks are from our influencers, customers and #YOUinrue fam! 

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