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#YOUinrue: Cute and Cozy Winter Outfits for Colder Days

Spoiler alert: it’s still winter. With the dreams of spring fashion buzzing all over your IG feed and almost all of your days spent inside, it’s easy to forget that it’s still cold out and even easier to forget how stylish winter fashion can be. Starting to feel all warm and fuzzy inside thinking of winter layering? Same. Check out our most-loved winter outfits and trends designed to keep you cute and cozy now and transition seamlessly into spring.


For the coziest winter wear you can find, go for sherpa. Sherpa might be a ‘90s fave, but don’t call it a comeback when it comes to this ultra-plush and stylish fashion staple. Sherpa will always be on-trend. Whether it’s found lining a jacket or on its own in an oversized hoodie, sherpa is guaranteed to keep you warm and stylish during even the most frigid winter days. @washingtonkelly

A classic sherpa lined denim or corduroy jacket is a statement piece that any guy should have in their closet. Not only does sherpa add in an extra layer of warmth, but it also makes the denim more comfortable to wear. Line it up with a pair of jeans (don’t be afraid of double denim!) and some boots for an outfit suited for any occasion. @jeffery.dang

Peacoats and Monochromatics

The time tested winter coat, the peacoat, reigns over all others. This double-breasted winter wardrobe classic comes in a variety of styles and colors, all of which turn any outfit from casual to classy. The all-black peacoat is an iconic look and even more so when paired with other monochromatic shades that give off a truly trending, IG-worthy aura. @empressthesoul1

Neutral Colors

Neutrals aren’t just the staple of every wardrobe, they’re easily the most on-trend look for winter. Whites, beige, tan and heather grays own the coldest months of the year, from completely monochromatic lounge to oversized sweaters and jeans. Pair this essential aesthetic with blankets of snow and a warm drink to make this pleasing color palette even more of a seasonal go-to. @bredoddsmith



From coats and button-downs to mini skirts and bucket hats, plaid is the quintessential print for fall and winter. It is versatile enough to be part of a formal outfit, yet casual enough to be on some pajama pants to get cozy for some much needed self-care. With so many hues to choose from and so many ways to work it in, it’s no surprise that this trend has never gone out of style and set itself up as one of the most iconic patterns out there. Paired with trending burnt orange and olive hues that own our second fave winter color palette: earth-tones, this print guarantees an outfit that’s sure to turn heads. @rachellmariee_

In a winter like no other, staying warm, cozy and fashionable is essential. While the world may be different, the weather certainly isn’t, so layer up with trending sherpa, eye-popping plaids, and stay warm all season long with these cute and cozy winter outfits. 

All of these looks are from our influencers, customers, and #YOUinrue fam! 
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