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Quiz Time! Find The Perfect Last-Minute Gift Idea Under $10

We can’t believe it either but…Christmas is next week! We’re super excited and totally still in the gifting mood, so we whipped up one more present for you! This fun and easy quiz designed to score you the perfect gift idea for everyone left on your list, and the best part is they’re all under $10! If you forgot that one last-minute present, no worries, we’ve got your back.

REMINDERshipping delays are totally possible this year, so remember to shop early and check out our shipping guide below to get your package by Christmas. Not sure you’ll make it? Try our Buy Online, Pick up In-Store option and grab your gifts same-day.

Let’s get quizzin’! 

  1. What’s your giftee’s main hobby?
    1. Arts and crafts 
    2. Makeup artistry 
    3. Hiking on the weekend
    4. Cozying up to the latest Netflix series at home 
  2. Yum! What’s their favorite holiday treat?
    1. Sugar cookies
    2. Blueberry pie 
    3. Peppermint bark
    4. Hot chocolate 
  3. How would you describe your relationship?  
    1. They’re an old family friend that I always see at holidays .
    2. She’s my absolute bestie!
    3. They’re a casual acquaintance I see on a regular basis.
    4. It’s a close family member of mine.
  4. Which best describes their fashion sense?
    1. Super colorful with lots of bold graphic tees and trendy jeans
    2. A total fashionista who’s always in the latest glamorous looks
    3. A casual dresser who likes to try new things on occasion
    4. They’re cozy all day, every day—joggers and hoodies are their staples 
  5. Ah, to travel again. Where would their dream vacation be?
    1. Walt Disney World 
    2. A private resort on a tropical island 
    3. A road trip across the country to see some national parks 
    4. A lodge with a warm fireplace and a view of snowy mountains 
  6. What’s one of this person’s best qualities (we know, too many to count)?
    1. They have an unmatched sense of humor.
    2. They aren’t shy about giving great fashion and beauty advice.
    3. They are reliable and trustworthy.
    4. They’re always there to cheer people up when they’re down.
  7. What’s a gift they’ve gotten before that they really liked?
    1. Festive PJ pants 
    2. A scented candle 
    3. New kitchenwares 
    4. A cute mug
  8. What color scheme describes them best?
    1. Gold, red and silver…with sparkles
    2. Pastels like baby pink, light blue and lilac 
    3. Something simple like neutral earth tones 
    4. Deep purple, navy blue and forest green 
  9. It’s movie night! What are they watching?
    1. A romantic comedy
    2. A dramatic period piece
    3. An action-packed thriller
    4. A feel-good family film 
  10. What’s their favorite way to celebrate the holidays?
    1. A fun evening with family and friends with lots of food and board games
    2. Dressing to the nines for their glitzy New Year’s Eve party 
    3. Ice skating with a friend or significant other
    4. Watching Christmas movies all evening long with cookies and milk

Mostly As: Holiday Tees

This person has a warm and fun personality! A classic Christmas slogan tee to add to their wardrobe is a great choice this holiday season! 

Mostly Bs: Delectable Fragrance

For this fashion-forward stylista, you need to grab one of the latest tantalizing perfumes. We have a wide selection so you’re bound to find the perfect scent for this giftee. 

Mostly Cs: Fashion Face Mask

This gift idea is the perfect mix of practical and cool (and under $10)! Everyone can use another face mask, and we have prints, patterns and embroidered details to match any fashion sense.

Mostly Ds: Festive Socks

A homebody always needs more cozy options. Keep their toes nice and toasty this season with a set of new socks with a holiday theme. 

Hope this quiz helped you decide on your last-minute present! Like we said, no matter which gift idea you choose, they’re all under $10! Happy gifting! 

Be sure to check out the shipping guide below to ensure you get your gifts by Christmas! Remember, our amazing Buy Online, Pick up In-Store option is always available if you’re worried about shipping deadlines. Orders are filled super fast, so depending on the time of day, your order could be ready for pickup the same day you order! It’s never too late to score those last-minute gifts!

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