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Embrace Your Inner Rebel with Just Dropped: Cyber Punk

It’s official, the latest limited edition drop is now here! Meet Just Dropped: Cyber Punk. This edgy blend mixing gritty city life with rainy neon lights, filled with artistic and flashy motifs that speak to your inner rebel. These trippy graphics and out of this world themes will have your head spinning with outfit ideas and Instagram pics. These trends are gonna be all over your social feed, so get in on it early! Read on to check out our favorite stand-outs from this drop. 

Street Art

Blending early ‘00s-inspired doodles in the margins of your notebooks with quick graffiti tags slapped on the side of a bridge brings these oversized graphics and shrunken baby tees to life. These prints are overflowing with creative expression and culture so important to the half-digital, half-street space aesthetic of cyber punk. Grab these graphics and speak your mind through edgy slogans and frowny faces. 

Neon Lights

Fast cars, midnight drives, rain on the road and the trail of neon lights as you go speeding past. Cyber Punk embodies life in the city, and what better way to do that than with neon? This collection’s show-stopping bright hues make you the immediate center of attention. Pair them with dark black and chrome to bring the gritty look to life or go head-to-toe neon to dominate the room. Which do you prefer—pink or green?

Leather & Mesh

This drop mixes our two favorite materials of this season—mesh and faux leather. These edgy fabrics bring the feeling of walking through a lonely city at night to life. Mesh tops layered over stand-out bralettes or camis make the perfect fashion statement. Paired with punk rock faux leather and fishnets, this look has big attitude and influence. Turn up the heat on IG when you fill your friend’s feeds with these trending looks.

City Life

We can’t get over these statement pieces of jewelry. Accessorize with these hardware inspired additions that level up the Cyber Punk look with touches of gold chains, chrome, barbed wire and oversized or micro sizes. Adding in these little metallic touches brings the whole city life vibe to the next level.

So what are you waiting for? Time to hit “add to bag” on all of these epic trends before they sell out (these are gonna go FAST). Which is your favorite part of this drop? The blinding neon, the shining accessories? Let us know below!

Be sure to share how you style this collection on Instagram using #YOUinrue and tag @rue21! 


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