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Style Quiz – Which Fall 2020 Fashion Trend Are You?

Pumpkins. Massive scarves. A nip in the air. It can only mean one thing: Fall is coming. And a new season means it’s time for some major outfit inspo. Fall is undoubtedly the season of trend refreshes, as we put away the too-hot-to-breathe clothing of summer for a more fashion-focused look. But new trends means… new… and picking the right one for you can be hard. No worries though! We put together this easy-peasy quiz to match you to the hottest 2020 fall fashion trend that best speaks to your personal vibe. 

Are you a desert dreamer or an influencer-in-the-making? Will you be living in a beanie or an oversized blazer? The answer is way more fun than you thought. Find out which fall fashion trend you are here (and share this quiz with all your ladies to get ready for a full fall style refresh). Let’s begin!

  1. When back-to-school shopping, which category do you immediately browse?
    1. The latest accessories like hair clips, belts and choker necklaces! 
    2. Classic plaid shirts, of course 
    3. Dresses, please!
  2. Choose the emojis that speak to your soul.
    1. 🍒☠️📱🙃🌹🦋👠
    2. 🛹😎☀️🧢🍂✏️💿
    3. 🌻🌤️🌵👗🐎🌿🌾
  3. What’s on your playlist right now?
    1. K-pop and ‘90s hip hop
    2. Throwback pop and classic rock
    3. Indie singer-songwriters and dreamy singles
  4. Open your closet—choose the item you cannot live without!
    1. My fave unique belt 
    2. A vintage band tee 
    3. A cute peasant top 
  5. If you could only use one social media app (we know, this one’s hard), which would it be?
    1. TikTok – gotta keep with the latest dances 😜 
    2. Instagram – for my style inspo needs!
    3. YouTube – I live for beautiful travel vlogs 😍
  6. What are your favorite patterns to rock?
    1. Polka dots, tie-dye and zebra stripes
    2. Stripes, plaid and checkerboard  
    3. Florals, paisley and leopard spots
  7. Fall beverages are the best—which are you ordering?
    1. Matcha green tea latte 
    2. Hot apple cider with a cinnamon stick
    3. You know me—the classic pumpkin spice latte 
  8. You feel a chill in the air… how are you staying warm and fashionable?
    1. A colorful beanie and a graphic hoodie
    2. An oversized blazer and suede boots 
    3. A leather jacket over a sweet floral maxi dress 
  9. We’re getting hungry, so choose a fall fruit!
    1. Apple
    2. Pear
    3. Pumpkin
  10. Think of your dream home—what’s the color palette look like? 
    1. Deep purple, royal blue and magenta 
    2. Baby blue, warm brown and mustard yellow
    3. Burnt orange, maroon and olive green 

Time for the results!

Mostly As – E-Girl Edge

The E-girl edge trend is a totally fresh take on all your favorite looks from the Internet-driven generation. You grew up surfing the web and are now living for TikTok dances and VSCO filters. This trend takes the best looks of the ‘90s and ‘00s, like butterfly clips and baby tees, and upgrades them to fit your 2020 aesthetic. You need bold embroidered tops and the hottest new bucket hats. The E-girl is truly this year’s “it girl” —the chick who can say it all with her fashion and start trends—not just follow them. 

Mostly Bs – Iconic Prep

Vintage, classic, old-school cool—these words are all YOU. The iconic prep trend is inspired by ‘90s skater culture with a feminine twist. It’s really all about layering oversized and fitted tops, retro graphic tees and bold plaid prints that bring a tried-and-true look a little extra edge. Stock up on pieces like cool button-downs, high-rise pants and cami dresses.  

Mostly Cs – Desert Romance 

You dream of a life running through beautiful meadows and staring at golden sunsets. Warm and inviting colors of the desert romance trend are your staples and you could live in a floral dress or frilly skirt. You take inspiration from romantic aesthetics and nitty-gritty details. Pair a sweet peasant top with destructed jeans and you are totally in your element. 

These are the looks that are gonna be running the show this upcoming season. Which fall 2020 fashion trend did we match you with? Let us know in the comments! And to the guys—we have trends for you, too. Check out our online shops for retro-active and urban grunge!

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