Celebrate Pride All Year

June is a month of celebration for so many reasons: it’s the start of summer, it’s home to National Selfie Day and most importantly—it’s a great time to celebrate love and equality through Pride month! While we love June for these and so many other reasons, we believe that this year, this month, right now… the world could use a little more love. If you agree and want to do your part, read on for tips on how to celebrate Pride month all year round.

Pride month celebrates acceptance, inclusivity, equality and love by bringing together the global community in support and partnership of all of our LGBTQ+ friends and family. At its core, Pride is about being an ally to a community of people who have struggled and suffered through trial, unhelpful notions of gender and preference and the loneliness that can come with feeling different from those around you. If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. We all feel like outsiders sometimes, but that’s just one more reason to remember that we’re one collective family, no matter the flag you fly.

Here are some tips to help you celebrate Pride all year:

Cut Harmful Language from Your Vocabulary

Words are a powerful tool, so let’s use them for their purpose of empowering. Choosing words wisely is a great step toward making someone feel loved and accepted.

Follow LGBTQ+ Activists and Influencers

It’s always good to rally around those who spread a positive message. We love social media (obvi!), and it can be a great global tool to promote a healthy worldview while seeing a side of life you might not be familiar with.

Volunteer Your Time

To volunteer your time is a great option to lend a hand. Search LGBTQ+ organizations in your hometown, or spend a little time at inner city after-school programs or helping out with a mental health hotline.

Speak Up

This is a big one, squad. When you see something that doesn’t feel right or if you fear a voice is being silenced or feel someone is being disrespected, or even if you notice someone seems to be sad or lonely—speak up and reach out in a safe and helpful way. Love is a positive thing, and Pride is all about reminding the world of that!

2020 has been a challenging year. This summer, let’s make it one where love and understanding get the spotlight by supporting equality, speaking up and doing our part however we can. With our new collection of rainbow looks, you can wear your favorite rainbow styles year-round in order to show your pride and support. Throw on a rainbow tee and gear up with a rainbow heart crossbody to feel the love.

Show us how you’re celebrating Pride this year! Take a selfie in your Pride style or have a socially-distanced Pride party with your friends.

Make sure to tag us on Instagram with your Pride looks. Use @rue21 and #YOUinrue so that you can have the chance to be featured.

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