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Quiz – What Spring Break Vacation Destination Are You?

Spring Break is here, so it’s time to plan a trip perfectly catered to your personality (you gotta find the vacation destination for you!). Whether you’re thinking about a music fest road trip, endless nights at the beach or an adventure to a nearby city, fun inspiration is always a good thing. Take this quiz to find the best vacation destination for your personality, and score some ultra-cute outfit inspo to fill your bags! 

  1. What kind of music is on your road trip playlist?
    a. Lots of ‘60s rock ‘n’ roll
    b. Dance music!
    c. Amazing jazz legends
    d. Chill ambient tunes 
    e. Country music has my heart 
  2. What color best describes your personality?
    a. Pretty ocean blue
    b. Tie-dye. That’s a color, right?
    c. Fun shimmery gold
    d. Dreamy pastels
    e. Super-bold, bright orange
  3. Who’s going on your vacay with you?
    a. My boo 
    b. My girl gang 
    c. My family 
    d. Me, myself and I
    e. My friends from school
  4. What is your go-to food order on vacation?
    a. All the seafood, please!
    b. Something I’ve never tried before (it’s time to experiment!)
    c. I live for spicy fried food
    d. Ice cream!!
    e. Soul food 
  5. What’s your spirit animal?
    a. A mermaid. Obviously.
    b. A leopard
    c. An owl
    d. A sloth
    e. A butterfly
  6. What do you HAVE to do on vacation?
    a. Get to the beach!
    b. Hit up the hottest clubs
    c. See historical sights
    d. Kick back and relax
    e. Explore nature 

Mostly As – Key West, Florida

Take a trip down south… all the way down to the southernmost part of Florida! If you’re in the mood to swim, soak up the sun on a gorgeous beach and sip a fruity drink, we know the vacation destination for your spring break. Pack your bags with a new bikini paired with a super-chill graphic tee to go from sand to dinner seamlessly. This outfit screams “beach babe!”

Mostly Bs – Daytona Beach, Florida

A girl with a big spirit needs to party her vacation away in Daytona Beach, and that’s all you! Sun and sand meets after parties with your wildest girls in this memory-making spring break trip. Pack your bags with fierce, fun colors and tie-dye patterns that will make you stand out on the dance floor. Bonus, you won’t lose anything during your escapades with a trusty fanny pack on your side. 

Mostly Cs – New Orleans, Louisiana 

You’re the cultural girl who wants to experience it all. Make this spring break all about new food, music, art and all the coolest experiences New Orleans has to offer! Pack your bags with bold printed shorts paired with a sweet, sassy bralette for treks through the French Quarter and beyond. This outfit will keep you cool in the hot-hot Louisiana heat, and make all your Instagram posts look fire!

Mostly Ds – Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Time to kick back and reeelaaax. Myrtle Beach is the perfect place to lay out all day in a sweet one-piece and get lost for a while this spring break. Pack your bags with this pastel swimsuit and layer on a mesh top, perfect for a chill girl who wants to recharge and look cute while doing it. After the beach, head to a spa and get the total pampering treatment you deserve!

Mostly Es – Savannah, Georgia

There are so many sights to see, and you’re the girl who needs to see them all! Savannah, Georgia isn’t just a charming spring break spot, it’s perfect for an active vacation filled with walking tours, kayaking and lots of selfies (of course). Pack your bags with these super-soft shorts, a mesh butterfly tee and heart-eye sunglasses to combat the southern sun and keep you looking cute for an action-packed adventure.

You can’t go wrong with any of these spring break vacation spots! From amazing food and breathtaking sights to incredible beaches and non-stop activities, there’s a place for literally everyone just in these 5 destinations (not to mention all the other cool cities, beaches, deserts and lakes right in your backyard). Check back for more quizzes and spring break inspo throughout the season, and tell us which spring break vacation destination you got in the comments!

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