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5 Simple Outfits to Match Your Mood

Every day is unique, so your outfits should be too! Your style says a lot about you, what you have on your schedule and what kind of mood you’re in. Going out-out? You need a good dress. Feeling kinda blah? Cute sweatpants are a must. ‘Cause how you dress doesn’t just match your mood, it *inspires* it. We put together 5 extra simple outfits to let the world know how you’re feeling by literally wearing your mood on your sleeve! 

Booked, Busy, Brrr

Winter is still going strong, but we must carry on. Despite the cold, you’ve got a lot on your plate like errands, classes, work or just meeting up with the girls. This outfit is for the chick on the go who needs layers to keep warm and will NOT sacrifice her ~lewk~. A sherpa jacket is your best friend when you need to bundle up and keep it fire. Pair it with a simple embroidered tee (one of our fave trends for 2020) and classic ripped jeans and booties for the perfect busy day ‘fit. 

Dressed to Impress

Sometimes you’re just feelin’ fancy. We see you, girl 😉 This dressy look will get the room’s attention and have you feeling absolutely bomb. Layered dresses are so hot right now, and paired with sky-high heels and glitzy accessories, you’re inner glam goddess will shine bright. 

Break a Sweat

New year, new you! This workout look is for those of you who feel motivation just flowing through your veins. You’ll wanna head to the gym just to show off how cute it is! This unique tee from our Do the Right Thing 30th Anniversary Collection goes perfectly with some simple leggings and statement sneakers. Don’t forget your fanny pack for a handsfree way to keep all your belongings in check. 

I Can’t Even

Sometimes you just can’t deal with the world and you need to treat yourself to a comfy day. Wear a hoodie and must-have joggers to keep snuggly and warm paired with an easy-going, yet totally precious, sneaks and socks combo. Top it off with a dad hat because—let’s be real—sometimes you cannot be bothered to style your hair. This look is like a warm hug that still looks fresh in case you need to make human contact (even if it’s just your pizza delivery guy). 

Throwback Thursday (Or Any Day)

Ever get super nostalgic and start binge-watching your fave childhood shows and listening to your favorite songs from forever ago? And then you desperately want to relive another era through your wardrobe? Been there. Get classic graphic tees sporting your favorite pop culture references and pair ‘em with swishy joggers for a totally classic throwback vibe. Slip-on sneakers and a backpack to carry all your scrunchies, mood rings and lipgloss tie the whole look together. Stay rad 🤘

Get ready to take on any kind of day in these super simple outfits. Your mood and style are so intertwined, it makes total sense to express yourself through fashion—we’ve got styles for every single one of your moods! Score new arrivals right here and show off every new aesthetic you’re planning for 2020. 

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