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New Year’s Eve Quiz: How Should You Celebrate Your Night?

Can you believe we’re about to begin a brand new decade?! This calls for a little celebration. Not just any celebration though—the perfect NYE party. With so many ways to ring in the new year and SO many outfits to choose from for the evening, it can be a little overwhelming to bring all your New Year’s Eve ideas to life. But that’s what we’re here for. Take this fun and easy quiz to find out exactly how you should celebrate New Year’s Eve 2020.

You’re out to brunch with your girls, what do you order?
    1. The works! Eggs Benedict, avocado toast, a cinnamon roll and fruit salad
    2. Buttermilk pancakes and a cup of coffee. Feels like home
    3. A classic breakfast—eggs, bacon and toast
You need an outfit stat, what’s your go-to winter trend?
    1. A sparkly holiday dress. Easy to wear, but amazing every time 
    2. Cozy clothes—fuzzy accessories, leggings and a tunic sweater 
    3. Mom jeans and a corduroy jacket. Trendy and cute  
It’s movie night! What’s your favorite holiday flick to stream?
    1. Home Alone 
    2. Elf
    3. A Charlie Brown Christmas 
While you’re packing up leftovers, which holiday cookies do you hoard?
    1. A ‘gram-worthy plate of decorated sugar cookies
    2. Snickerdoodles, warm with a scoop of ice cream on the side, of course
    3. Enough festively dressed gingerbread people to inhabit a small city 
When you made your holiday wishlist, what was in the #1 spot?
    1. Gift cards to my fave stores, so I can score the latest winter trends
    2. Sleep pants and sherpa because being cozy is key
    3. Candles, string lights and smudge for my hangout spot’s aesthetic
You’re planning a Spring Break trip! Where do you pick to go for vacation? 
    1. Las Vegas with all my single girls!
    2. A cabin in the mountains ‘cause I need to zen out for a while
    3. Road trip to the beach with the entire crew 
Quick—what’s your dream job?
    1. Celebrity, no question.
    2. Interior designer. I’m amazing at making my room look like Pinterest. 
    3. Teacher. Working with others makes me feel fulfilled! 
The best part of the holiday season is…
    1. Getting to wear this year’s best holiday ‘fits 
    2. Time off from class to focus on my self-care routine 
    3. Making plans with my friends and family 

Mostly As – Out on the Town 🎉 

Two words: party girl. A night out on the town in a drop-dead look is your kinda vibe. Whether you hit up a house party, a local club or a fancy new restaurant, we know you’ll be dressed to the nines. A stand-out jumpsuit or a deep red mini dress will guarantee that you are the center of attention. Top it off with high heels and glitzy glam accessories and dance the night away the NYE!

Mostly Bs – Stay In 🛋️

You are a total homebody (in the best way)! This New Year’s Eve, embrace your love of cozy clothes and close friends by spending the night watching the ball drop, playing party games with your besties and snacking on hot cocoa and a healthy spread. Stay warm and keep comfy in a pair of pocket leggings and an oversized sweatshirt, or go full snuggly in a onesie. 

Mostly Cs – Party with the Squad 👯‍♀️

You love being around people! Send out a group text to your closest squad or make an event and get everyone you know together for dancing, food and photo ops. Then keep the party going late with movies and games! Dress code: casual chic. A lacy blouse, statement sweater or simple layered look with our new ultimate stretch skinny jeans is perfect for snapping Instagrammable pics, but comfy enough to kick back with your pals.

This is a milestone New Year’s Eve, which means these party plans should be ones to remember. Whether you’re going out dancing all night or staying in with your closest friends, plan to have the best possible celebration to say, “byeee” to 2019 and bring on this new decade in style. And if looking for the best trends for the New Year—we got you. Check out these fall ‘19 trends we know are going to be IN for winter 2020!

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  • Nahiomi Rosa

    I got a tie on mainly B’s and C’s which makes sense cause I like to enjoy my relaxation out of school but also like to use that time that I’m not so busy to make plans with the fam and friends. 😊

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