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‘Tis the Season to Give Back – rue21’s Furry Friends

The holidays are all about family, and that includes furry friends! This season, we are proud to support the Humane Society of the United States with a $25,000 donation and a collection of too-cute gift cards featuring precious fur babies. Our partnership inspired us to expand our efforts to benefit as many animals as possible, so we got to work teaming up with local humane societies around the country. We were even lucky enough to spend a day with an extra famous rescue dog with an inspiring story you gotta hear…

Humane Animal Rescue – Pittsburgh, PA

furry friends

We are lucky to have an amazing shelter right near our headquarters, located in our hometown’s East End. So, we gathered up our fave crew of influencers to spend a day with the animals there and deliver Santa sacks of donated supplies! 

Our squad had an amazing time showering these little guys with lots of love and affection. Check out Humane Animal Rescue’s adoption page for more! 

A Day with Albert on Wheels 

You may want to grab the tissue box for this next part, ‘cause we spent some precious time in Connecticut befriending the Insta-famous pup, @albertonwheels

Albert’s back legs were paralyzed in an accident, but his hero parents, Jill and John ensured that he still lives his best life. Albert’s strong-willed spirit touches everyone he meets (including ours) and inspires people to push through hardships. John says, “Albert pushes a lot of people to wanna do good things.” Check out the highlights of our day with him at his local rue21 store and favorite place—the beach! 

We also snagged some super cute pics from shelters in all corners of the US that we worked with this season—donating treats, food and blankets, along with rue21 items as a gift to the hard-working staff and volunteers. Happy howlidays!! 🐾🎅

Humane Society of North East Georgia 

Kitty Cauldron and Pit-mix Peeves kicked off the holiday season with festive Christmas looks, while Gaia bundled up in one of our must-have slouchy sweaters in trendy hues, like this winter white. Check out the Humane Society of North East Georgia’s adoption page for more! 

Chesapeake Humane Society

We can’t get over how stylin’ Oona looks in our colorful Spongebob graphic hoodie! Nutmeg made our hearts just as warm as her ultra-plush sherpa jacket. And tabby Rex seems to approve of the seasonal gift cards available at your local rue21 store! Check out Chesapeake Humane Society’s adoption page for more! 

Stark County Humane Society

Just look at those puppy dog eyes! Annie packs a lot of personality into such a little pup! Darla, Thomas and Nedra are all braced for chilly temps in their jackets, sweaters and scarves! Check out Stark County Humane Society’s adoption page for more! 

Humane Society of Central Illinois

Major cattitude and #squadgoals with this crew. Kit, April and Millie are ready for the cold with this collection of winter staples: duck boots, leggings and polar fleece (it’s fleece on the outside and the inside, so double-warm)! Check out the Humane Society of Central Illinois’ adoption page for more! 

San Antonio Humane Society

Coco and Van are plaid lovin’ pups, but let’s be honest, who doesn’t want more plaid shirts? Same with cute kitty Bernie and this amazing TV graphic! If you love this quirky sitcom as much as him, check out our Friends Collection for all your graphic tees and hoodies, then head over to the San Antonio Humane Society’s adoption page for more! 

San Diego Humane Society 

Bubba is probably the coolest looking dog in the world. 😎 Poppy and Cello are two of San Diego’s HUNDREDS of rats up for adoption, and we think they like these trendy work boots just as much as cute tabby cat, Gypsie. As for Trixie Bun, we hear she’s even softer than that fuzzy scarf she’s nesting on. Visit the San Diego Humane Society’s adoption page for more! 

Wanna show off your own furry friends in their favorite rue21 gear? Tag #YOUinrue and @rue21 on Instagram!

Disclaimer: *All corporate gift proceeds go to the Humane Society of the United States which is not owned, operated or affiliated with any local animal shelters. 

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