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Our Top 5 Tips for a Successful School Year

Class is in full swing and since you’re probably still adjusting “back to reality” after a summer of fun, we worked up some tips for a successful school year! We know, success in fall is waaay less exciting than bonfires and dances, but if your classwork can be a breeze—it makes going out on the weekends all the better. Each semester is an opportunity for new experiences, new challenges and a whole new you. So go on, get excited (you’ve totally got this!). 

Stay Organized

successful school year stay organized

If it feels like you have a LOT to juggle between homework, tests, practice and everything else, you’re not alone. So it is absolutely crucial to keep all those to-do’s organized. Our advice: keep a planner!
Write down all your important dates, like exams, due dates, events and appointments. That way, you can review your schedule on Monday morning and get prepped for a week of activities. If you’re not feeling a planner, other essential supplies like notebooks, folders, binders, or even sticky notes are a good way to keep everything in order. Taking a little time to declutter every week will help keep your locker, desk, or dorm mess-free and stress-free (gotta love that!).

Stay Healthy

Your mind and body are your best tools, so take care of them! Always eat breakfast in the morning to be well-fueled for the day, and plan out your lunches—that way you won’t rely on cafeteria snacks to curb your hunger. Even more importantly, stay hydrated with a full water bottle! Get lots of exercise, too. I know, we could go on forever, but breaking in your new track pants or joggers will help you out in the long run (no bad pun intended). Exercise is a part of a healthy lifestyle, and don’t forget that there are 1000+ fun ways to stay active. Running, rock climbing, even dancing—anything to get your heart pumping will keep you happy and stress-free.

Get Involved 

This is the best time to expand your horizons and build up your resume. Bonus: joining groups in and out of school is a great way to meet new people that you wouldn’t normally see—and make some long-lasting best friendships in the process! If you’re not sure what clubs you’d like to join, try attending a couple of different meetings to gauge your interest. You never know what you might like, or what hidden skills you may already have!

Ask for Help

We get it, asking for help is basically the hardest thing anyone does at any point ever, but it’s sooo important to keep your mind sharp and focused, and to decrease stress by like, 100%. If you find yourself struggling, ask your teacher about tutoring opportunities. If your worried about your mental health, reach out to a counselor or trusted teacher to get support. Let your friends and family know if you’re having a difficult time so you can build up your support system. Remember that you don’t have to handle everything on your own!  

Be Confident

Confidence is the best thing you can wear 😉! Having a positive attitude at school is key, so take on the year with a smile. Express yourself through new fashion choices and the latest trends, unique locker decorations and by speaking your mind! Raising your hand in class, answering questions boldly and introducing yourself to new friends are great ways to grow and learn. 

The #1 tip for a successful school year: manage your stress. That’s really what everything comes down to, and it’s all about balance, mindset and the occasional mellowing out with a smudge kit for those days that you seriously can’t even. If you do find yourself feeling mega-overworked, you can check out our more in-depth tips to help relieve stress. Just remember, this is gonna be an AMAZING year! 

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