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Top Summer Instagram Pic Ideas for Her and Him

Summer is all about making memories…and capturing them for Insta (you look amazing and you do cool things, it’s basically a no-brainer). The sun’s shining, your music is up and all your plans are ready to become ‘gram-worthy photoshoots. Now all you need is a little inspo! Check out our Instagram pic ideas while you’re planning your grid this summer.

Road Trip

Nothing screams summer more than a road trip with friends! So while you’re packing your bags full of bralettes, booties and frayed jean shorts for your next festival trip—you’ll definitely want to plan for golden moments like @jamialix, @leximars and @j.xsmvne to get that #content.

Jami and Lexi know the key to the perfect festival experience is to dress right, and that means shorts and bandana tops for warm days, cool nights and all the dancing in between. LBH, what you wear either makes or breaks that photo, so plan for every aspect of your trip (even the car ride!).

Jasmine slays photos, angles, lighting, filters, graphic tees, every👏thing👏. Capture every stop on your trip with a good pic and a better outfit. Take it from a master, who knows that the open road isn’t just for fast cars, but also for bomb content.

Mountain Memories

Literally any chance you get to escape to the mountains this summer, take it! Seriously, is there a better boho backdrop? Probs nah. Dressing for the mountains is key, and @tasha.clegg and @davidbenrice really know how to stand out against that rugged landscape.

During her photoshoot, Natasha made sure to style a bright red maxi dress with off-the-shoulder details and a necklace that makes a statement as epic as that mountain peak. With all that dreamy lighting, the red is the perfect pop of color.

David took a more muted approach to the mountains. Cloudy days can create some of the best moody photos, so take advantage of your favorite all-black look to complement the cool tones of your pic. Add in some chunky white sneakers and you’re set.

Speaking of dreamy boho backdrops to highlight your #ootd…the desert, tho. If you’ve got sandy shrubs for a backyard, take advantage of all those flowy grasses and eye-catching neutral tones just like @alexiistherese and @ashtonwest27.

Alexis always knows how to give us Instagram pic ideas with her care-free and good-time vibe photos. Have fun with pops of rainbow combined with summery white tones to make sure your outfit stands out against the sun-dried desert. This girl upped the game with bubbles as a prop, and we love it!

Ashton went for the full monochrome. Pair a ‘90s throwback tank with distressed skinny jeans to complement the textured backdrop. Sporting white will keep you cool while you search for that bomb spot and nothing shines brighter under the sun than a crisp, clean hue.

Poolside Paradise

Poolside days are a must when the summer heat hits. But taking the perfect pool photo isn’t as easy as it looks. No stress, we’re here to help! When you’re lounging poolside, use the water to your advantage—just like @jamialix and @davidbenrice did here!

Jami shows us that floaties are the perfect way to accessorize your pool photo shoot! With all those pretty pastels in the background, her muted white jean shorts and must-have cropped graphic tank top really shine against the backdrop. Hello, summer.

David went candid with a little splash shot. Combine that playful touch with his breezy button-down top and rolled-hem jeans for a look that’s so far from staged. Next time you’re working on that perfect pic, remember that movement can add a fun, playful element to your photo.

The most important part of any summer photoshoot with friends is just to let go, be free and have fun! Being authentic is when the best content is created (and when the most likes happen!). Combine that with the perfect outfit and you’ll be golden.  

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