6 Throwback Outfits Inspired by Iconic Characters

The best part of summer ‘19? Throwback fashion trends! It’s the year of the ultimate throwback and we’re totally crushin’ on these outfits inspired by retro movies and TV shows. Our favorite iconic characters styled the trendiest (and sometimes the craziest) outfits, but we can’t help loving them! Check out these throwback outfits inspired by our pop culture faves.

Cher, “Clueless”

Photo via: Vanity Fair

Ugh, as if! Our favorite drama queen and fashion idol, Cher Horowitz has been a style icon since the Clueless release in 1995. Her classic yellow plaid blazer and skirt, her little red dress and boa, and of course, the understated but totally dope gym outfit.

This black and white ensemble screams throwback ‘90s vibes. Get her look by styling black bike shorts, an oversized white tee with black tank layered on top and chunky dad sneakers—basically the uniform of summer ‘19. Don’t forget to accessorize your look (Cher never would!) with oval sunglasses. Are you totally buggin’ over how cute this outfit is? Because we are!

Get this look: Black Bike Shorts, White Tee, Black Tank Top, Chunky Sneakers, White Sunglasses

John Bender, “The Breakfast Club”

Photo via: Nightlight614

The legendary John Bender has been breakin’ hearts since 1985 and somehow making detention seem like something we want to be in (don’t worry, we know better). His bad-boy persona mixed with that could-care-less, grunge outfit choice has influenced men’s fashion significantly since the ‘80s. Get the look or dress up your main guy in a red short sleeve flannel, white long sleeve tee underneath, grey jeans and chunky dad sneakers. Complete the look with a red bandana tied around your ankle.

Get this look: Red Plaid Shirt, Grey Pants, White Long Sleeve Tee, Red Bandana

Tia & Tamara, “Sister, Sister”

Photo via: Cute Mistake

The Mowry sisters were known in the ‘90s for their outlandish hat choices and matching twin ensembles. Oh, and that theme song that is…officially stuck in your head. Our absolute favorite style choice from this dynamic duo was their denim on denim look! Grab your bestie and style denim Bermuda shorts with a black tube top and a jean jacket. Embrace the ‘90s fashion reboot with a super trendy white bucket hat.

Get this look: Plus Distressed Denim Shorts, Plus Denim Jacket, Plus Black Tube Top, White Bucket Hat

Rachel Green, “Friends”

Photo via: Buzzfeed

Of course, we don’t advise you wear over 20 pairs of pants and shirts, but style really doesn’t have any rules, so you do you, babe! Instead, we’re pulling inspo from this Rachel look taken directly from the early days of Friends. Get yourself a pair of jean overalls with a summery white lace bralette, brown satchel bag and chunky white sneakers. Rachel confronted her ex in this look, which means that you can slay literally anything on your plate in a good pair of overalls.

Get this look: Denim Overalls, White Lace Bralette, Crossbody Bag, White Sneakers

Sandy, “Grease”

Photo via: Nine

The one that we want? This outfit. Sandy’s iconic transformation from sweet summer crush to smokin’ hot babe in the finale of Grease is easily in our top-ten outfits of all time, and for good reason. Her black on black ensemble is perfect for a weekend of fun, dinner and dancing with your girls and a quick mall shopping spree! Pair a black off-the-shoulder top with must-own black distressed skinny jeans. Accent your all-black look with the most important detail: a pop of red. Think bright red heels, a bandana in your hair or a classic red lip.

Get this look: Black Distressed Jeans, Black Off The Shoulder Bodysuit, Red Heels, Black Belt

Elle Woods, “Legally Blonde”

Photo via: Entertainment Weekly

Elle Woods has been inspiring boss babes for years. Not only is she an A-list fashion icon, she is brilliant, sassy and studying law at Harvard—get it, girl. We all know pink is Elle’s color of choice, but we couldn’t help but fall for this little yellow number from what’s probably your favorite scene. Bend and snap in a yellow floral print top, black jeans, and some very cool crease-free hair ties. This is the perfect outfit for getting your nails done, breaking into spontaneous dance or meeting the love of your life (or at least that’s what Elle seems to accomplish in this style!).

Get this look: Plus Yellow Floral Top, Plus Black Distressed Jeans, Pink/Nude Heels, Pink Belt, Neon Hair Ties

Summer ‘19 is the season of throwback looks. And what better place to get influenced than all of the great movies and TV shows that came out in the decades that have completely inspired our summer fashion finds? Grab these looks at rue21 and basically anything else you need to take inspo from other amazing movies. While shopping for your throwback movie outfits, make sure to check out our throwback trend shop for even more goodness.

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