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How To Stock Up Your Festival Fanny Pack

Whether you’re headed to the cool forests of Delaware or the breezy shores of Alabama, prepping your festival style is a must. And what better way to accessorize your outfits than with a fanny pack? It’s the must-have accessory for festival season, with functionality and style at the center of its design.

If you can’t tell, we kinda love the fanny pack. Neon, iridescent, sporty but sweet—whatever your festival-babe persona, this bag slung over your shoulder is an instant outfit upgrade. Not only that, it’s the perfect hands-free way to carry all of your festival essentials for a day at the main stage.

Once you’ve picked the perfect bag, it’s time to get packing! Read on for what we’re keeping close to our hips for this year’s festival lineup.

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Scrunchies might just be the best item to have in your fanny pack for any festival. Use it to create a cute top knot during the day for a fun and flirty feel, or throw it up into a messy bun at night for those crowded dance pits.

rue21 Festival Tip: Bring multiple scrunchies (link to variety pack) with you. That way, you can always replenish if you lose one while showing off your killer dance moves or wear them as a cute wrist accessory to complete your look.

lipstick and lipliner
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Lip Gloss and Liners

We’ve been so excited for festival season, there’s been no shortage of style inspo—but your look doesn’t end with your outfit. That’s why we’re making sure to pack our must-have beauty buy: lip products. Whether you need a retouch after chowing down on some festival grub or gotta maintain those perfect popsicle lips, you can never go wrong with a beauty back-up.

rue21 Festival Tip: We suggest packing a few different lip essentials: lip balm for those dry desert days, our cruelty-free lip gloss to add some shine, and lipstick to help you stand out in the crowd!

cat eye sunglasses
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Sunnies: the go-to accessory for any hot and bright festival day. A pair can easily fit into your fanny pack and will definitely be your best friend for those 1 PM musical acts. As a bonus, we have sooo many different styles of sunglasses, you can easily find a pair (or two!) to complete your festival look.

rue21 Festival Tip: Make sure that you choose a pair of sunnies that can help tie your whole #festivalootd together! Grab flat tops and neon cat-eyes for a sporty style, round retro shades to complete your boho look, or aviators for a classic Cali vibe.

travel size hand sanitizer
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Hand Sanitizer

Let’s be honest, showing up to the field for a full weekend of dancing isn’t all glam and glitter—you’ve gotta stay fresh. While we can’t fix that suspect shower head at your campsite, we can hook you up with some seriously cute hand sanitizer. Stock your fanny pack with a small but sweet hand sanitizer bottle for those day sets and late night VIP parties. You’ll thank us later 😉

Comment below and let us know how you’re stocking your festival fanny pack!

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