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The Influencer Edit: Alexis Castillo

Welcome to our first post of our new series “The Influencer Edit” here on the rue21 blog. Once a month, we will be interviewing one of our ah-mazing rue21 Influencers and getting to know them a little bit more!

To kick off our first post in the series, we interviewed our favorite desert-loving influencer: Alexis Castillo! Alexis is an Arizona native and has a wanderlust soul. We love her posts following her incredible adventures and western-inspired style. What can we say? The girl’s got major style! She is always showing us how fashion and travel go hand-in-hand. We couldn’t be more excited to follow along with her every month as a rue21 influencer.

Want to know about this desert babe? Read on for the interview.


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What’s an average day like for you?

If we’re not out traveling, I’ll wake up—later than I’d like to admit, eat breakfast while answering emails and editing photos, workout, and get ready for a shoot. My husband Bryan and I will drive out to a location, shoot for about an hour, eat dinner and spend the rest of the night watching a movie or The Office.

What musical artist are you obsessed with at the moment?

The 1975 is my favorite band of all time and I’ve loved the three new singles they’ve released! I am counting down the days until their third album comes out! I’m also reeeeally digging Ariana Grande’s new album!


alexiistherese_OutfitShop this look: Black Floral Print Ruffled Surplice Swing Dress, Cognac Braided Tassel Crossbody Bag, Black Peep Toe Buckle Block Heels

Who takes all of your gorgeous photographs?

I am SO fortunate to have the most talented photographer in the world as my amazing husband! I feel so blessed to be able to work and collaborate every day with the person I am in love with.

Where is the one place that you have visited/traveled that outshines all others?

SUCH a hard question to answer. If I had to pick just one place, it would probably be Israel. It’s always been a dream of mine to visit and we had the incredible opportunity to visit in 2017. The landscape is incredibly diverse, the people are some of the nicest in the world, and it’s rich with so much history! I’m obsessed with the country and I’m dying to go back!


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Why do you think that travel and fashion go hand in hand?

I definitely think that fashion and travel go hand in hand. I think that because every city, country, continent is so diverse in culture, it is so easy to become influenced and inspired by what you see and a lot of times, it will translate to what you are wearing. It’s probably one of my absolute favorite things about visiting new places and always the first thing I think about when I find out that I will be traveling somewhere.

What do you love most about being a rue21 influencer?

I love that rue21 is such an inclusive brand that offers trendy pieces at affordable prices! Being able to showcase their amazing styles  is so much fun for me!


If you’re just as obsessed with Alexis after reading this as we are, make sure to follow her on Instagram, and leave a comment below with which question you would answer and why!

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