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The Future Kingz x rue21

What is it about dance crews that always give us heart-eyes? Original choreography, effortless style and personalities that outshine the stage lightsthere’s something magical about dance groups that exudes confidence and charisma. This year, one group has taken over the stage and made the rue21 crew totally obsessed. Their name? The Future Kingz (TFK).

Hailing from Chicago, TFK have quickly risen to stardom through their unique choreography, humble roots and killer style. This group of guys and girls blend their street style and skills in ways that have earned them some serious respect, and not just from us. If you follow the soon-to-be celebs, you might just recognize them from one of America’s largest competition shows 😉.

rue21 recently had the opportunity to hook TFK up with a new wardrobe when they lost their luggage on a flight into Chicago. From Zaya rockin’ a dark green varsity jacket to Renzell showing off his style in a pair of active joggers, all of the members of The Future Kingz were able to find an outfit that defined their unique style. Lost luggage has never looked better!

The Future Kingz have made 2018 their year, giving the world a taste of their epic dance moves while still remaining true to themselves and their Chi-Town roots. If you haven’t seen their work, check out their Facebook page for more videos and performances they have done and peep the video below to see how TFK redefined their style with rue21 and showed off their dance moves while they shopped!



Be sure to check out the group’s Instagram to stay up to date with all of their awesome adventures and new dance moves, then check back to see more from The Future Kingz x rue21!

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