Fun Things to Do at a Sleepover with Your Bestfriend

Summer nights are meant for sleepovers. Laying out under the stars, swooning over your crush, making some mischief—it’s a summertime must-do that never stops being fun, because nights with your besties will always be some of the best nights of your life. That being said, throwing the perfect party isn’t as easy as rom-coms make them out to be.  Here’s some fun things to do at a sleepover with your bestfriend.

The next time you’re having your squad over for a girls’ night, don’t worry about how you’re going to make that dream sleepover scene come to life (because we got you, girl). Here are six easy ways to make any summer sleepover into one straight from the movies:

Face Masks

Everyone loves and deserves to be pampered a little bit. A sleepover is the perfect opportunity for this! Grab your new favorite beauty products. We have face mask to help minimize pores or a peel-off illuminating face mask to help improve the softness of your skin. Whichever you choose, have fun looking good! This night is all about you and your girls.

Three different facemask types placed on a counter ready to be used at a sleepover with the besties.


Forget about the clear nail polish, tonight is made for you to go all out! Finish off your spa night plans with nail polish in bold colors and crazy designs. Before you know it, you and your girls will have amazing nails (you’d be surprised how much confidence manicured nails can give you!) or you’ll make a hilarious memory you will not forget.


Who doesn’t love a good makeover? It is the perfect way to make everyone feel beautiful and confident. Lay out all those makeup palettes, highlighters and brushes you love, and get ready to slayyy the ‘gram. Because, let’s be honest, makeovers and selfies were meant to be together.

A palette of eyeshadow ready to be used for a makeover.

Get Outside

It’s summertime, girl! When those hot sunny days turn into endless nights, take this party outside. Plus, you just got a makeover and you look amazing, let’s be real. Even if getting out just means going over to the local park and sitting on the swings, talking about what adventures the rest of the summer will bring, summer nights call for a good sleepover to move outdoors.

Fashion Show

Have each guest bring their favorite outfits to “strut their stuff.” Don’t be afraid to share clothes. Who knows what cute outfits you can come up with when you merge closets!

A bowl of popcorn and comfy clothes all laid out ready for you bestie to come over and spend the night.

Build a Fort

We aren’t talking about a normal fort. We are talking Best Fort 2018. Sheets, chairs, clothespins, heaps of pillows and blankets alllll centered around the TV, because caccooning into a fort is the best way to watch a movie and the perfect way to finish off your night. Well, almost perfect. You can’t do a movie night without SNACKS!


Sleepovers are the perfect excuse for a cheat day (like we need an excuse!). It’s time to indulge with chips, popcorn and lots of candy. Fill up a few bowls with your favorite treats, or go one step further and make some homemade snack mix or chocolate-covered popcorn! Then pile into that fort and finish off this party the best way possible—sharing the perfect night with your best friends.

We gave you the tips, now it’s your turn. Share your favorite things to do at sleepover in the comments below!


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