Self-Care Sundays: Beauty Not Cruelty

Warm weather is fiiiiinally here, which means we are in need of a serious beauty reboot. Winter can be tough on our skin, so what better way to kick off spring than with a new self-care routine? Goodbye, dry skin. Hello, cruelty-free beauty!  

Introducing our new collection of cruelty-free and vegan beauty products! With everything you need for a fresh face, from eyeshadow palettes and lip stain to mud masks and perfume, our new cruelty-free collection is purrr-fect for everyone. We love that your look doesn’t have to be compromised for the happiness of your furry friends.

Today, we’re highlighting some of our fave animal-friendly products used to achieve the fresh spring looks found in our too-cute, cruelty-free photoshoot! (BTW, did you know all of our beauty products are cruelty-free?)

Items you’ll need:
Charcoal mask or scrub
Highlighter stick
Brow compact
Eyeshadow palette

A model posing with her dog. The model is wearing a sleeveless workout hoodie and kissing her dog on top of the head. This look: Perfect Brow Compact – Medium to Dark, Bittersweet Eyeshadow Palette, Unicorn Glow Stick, Mint Tie Dye Hooded Muscle Tank Top

Step One: Spring is all about fresh starts, and fresh starts mean a fresh face. To nab the “no makeup” look we’re showcasing in our shoot, start with clean skin. Detoxing with a charcoal mask before an afternoon in the sun or after a day by the pool is the perfect start to a clean makeup look. Moisturize after your wash, then follow up with your favorite base layers–correcting sticks, concealers, and a creamy blush.

Step Two: To create sunny, dewy cheeks apply a dab of highlighter to the top of your cheekbones and the bridge of your nose. This will give you a summery glow that makes your skin shine while still looking clean and fresh.

Step Three: Define your eyes and lips. Highlight your best features with a brow kit that matches your skin tone, a bit of mascara, and a little bit of lip gloss. If you want to add some sparkle to your face and transform the “no makeup” look into the “just a touch” of makeup look, add a shiny eyeshadow to your lids.

Finishing Touches: We love to finish off every makeup sesh with just a bit of perfume. Our favorite? An oil-based fragrance that you apply to pulse points, so it mixes with the natural oils in your skin. We recommend Botanic Everlasting in our daisy scent (because it’s the name of the show-stopping fuzzy bunny that has been hopping across our site!).  

While we’re all about working on that sun-kissed glow, we’re really here for the furbabies. That’s why we support beauty, not cruelty. Want to meet the furry faces behind our cruelty-free campaign? Read on! 🐰

These babies belong to our rue21 staff. We choose cruelty-free because we would rather play with furry animals than test beauty supplies on them. Check out our #SquadGoals:

Piper, the Brittany Spaniel/Border Collie doggoA cute dog wearing sunglasses. This look: Tortoiseshell Gradient Lens Cat Eye Sunglasses

Age: 3 years old
Piper loves her frisbee and sleeping (usually upside-down) most of all, but her rubber duckies are a close behind. Her humans say she is super sweet, chill, and a loving pup. She also gives plenty of kisses to show her appreciation.
Fun fact: Her humans enjoy dressing her up in crazy outfits (typically paired with a great pair of glasses), but she doesn’t seem to mind.

Nora, the Rag Doll kitty catA cute cat posing for the camera.

Age: 10 months
Nora is a cat with attitude! She doesn’t like to share, so it’s always a struggle to retrieve whatever she takes. But, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t love cuddling! Her mama enjoys snuggling with her all day, every day. What more could you want in a furry bestie?
Fun Fact: Nora has a small obsession with avocado toast—and stealing it from her human.

Daisy, the English Angora bunnyA cute bunny.

Age: 11 months
Daisy is always up for an adventure, but on most days she can be found outside playing in the grass. Her bubbly personality makes her quite the social bunny-fly since she’s always up for meeting new furry (and non-furry) friends!
Fun Fact: Daisy is a huge fan of kale and bananas!

If you love your furry family as much as we do, shop our Beauty Collection and check out more Self-Care Tips.


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