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Growing up, we loved everything classic Mickey Mouse, from our fashion to our interests. But now that we’re adulting, Mickey is taking on a fresh new vibe. Our new collection takes a vintage-inspired look and updates it with a pastel palette twist!

A model is wearing a Mickey Mouse hoodie styled with a jacket and jeans. This look: Gold Metallic Belted Moto Jacket, Mickey Shop Girls, Vintage Blown Out High Rise Mom Jeans in Regular

Consider this collection everything you need to rep your #1 mouse from a chill day in to a sweet date at the coffee shop, complete with tees, hoodies, and hats. These styles are perf for the trendsetters who have it all, or for the laid-back girl or guy who just likes cool, casual clothes.

A male model wearing a long sleeve Mickey Mouse shirt, and a female model wearing a Mickey Mouse tee-shirt. This look guys: Black Mickey Mouse Hidden Silhouette Tee, Flex Skinny Fit Frayed Cutout Light Wash Jeans
Shop this look girls: Pink Teddy Bear Sherpa Bomber Jacket, Gray Mickey Mouse Box Crop Tee, Vintage High Rise Destroyed Cuff Jeggings

More of the classic type? Traditional mouse lovers will still find their fave black, white and red color combo while the soft pastels give a glimpse of Mickey’s new appeal. The standard ringer-style tees are still true mouse fashion.

With all these new vibes, you’ll find the classic mouse silhouette paired with the trending colorblock styles and cropped tees. Pair the pastels with a great bomber jacket and Mickey will add a little magic to every outfit.

A female model wearing a Mickey Mouse Tee shirt, joggers, and sneakers. This look: White Mickey Face Square Cutout Tee, Red Stripe Fleece Jogger, White Faux Patent Leather Sneakers

Even when you need a comfy outfit, our fave mouse tees will accent any look. If joggers and leggings are more your style, this is the perfect place to insert some nostalgia and maybe some pops of color!

Mickey isn’t just black and white anymore–he’s got a whole new style with tons of color, soft pastels and cool cutouts for a little edge. The ultimate combo of classic yet trendy is the Tie-Dye Mickey Mouse One Shoulder Tee, reminding us where it all started–with a mouse.

Female model wearing an off-shoulder Mickey Mouse shirt and jeans. Shop this look: Tie Dye Mickey Mouse One Shoulder Tee, Vintage High Rise Ankle Straight Jean

This collection wouldn’t be complete without a classic Mickey silhouette tee or his leading lady. Of course, you can expect to see miss Minnie Mouse starring on her own pieces, but also partnered with her bae. You’ll get the ’90s television fuzzy cable vibes with these new tees detailed in monochromatic accents.

A male model wearing a Mickey Mouse Graphic tee with ripped skinny jeans and sneakers. Shop this look: Black Mickey & Minnie Mouse Block Tee, White Distressed Moto Pants

When you become as Mickey-obsessed as we are, you’ll be wearing these tees every day (we won’t judge!).

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